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Repair & Build

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Comprehensive Car Diagnostic & Engine Repair

Make sure to consult our car diagnostic and engine repair experts before hitting the road.

Dyno Tuning & Diagnosis

Using our 2500 HP In-Ground AWD Chassis Dynamometer, our technicians can easily diagnose car issues without leaving our shop, by providing load regulation capabilities and real-world simulations that allow us to help you pass state inspections and determine problems regarding:

  • Engine Light
  • Rough Running
  • Lack of Power
  • Unstable Handling

Engine & Gearbox

Age, neglect, abuse & inferior design are some of the most common reasons for your engine or gearbox to require rebuilding. Possessing the correct experience, tools and technical data are critical when diagnosis causes of failure and preventing it from happening again. With years of experience, you can be assured your engine or transmission concerns will be addressed properly.

Why Choose Us?

K2 Motorsports is a NAPA™ Authorized Service Center consisting of ASE Master Technicians, who are trained to use innovative tools and analyze technical data. In the event that we can't fix a certain issue, we have partner dealers in Virginia and North Carolina. They can help us complete the job, and we can arrange to transport your vehicle if needed.

Specialty Vehicles

Upgrade your vehicle with the help of our team. We have customization and restoration experts who can increase handling and performance. We can fabricate roll cages, and build race cars. We restore anything of interest. We also have specialists for Motorcycles, Dirt Bike, Quads & UTV's.


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Thorough Auto Inspection

Maximize your car's potential by having K2 Motorsports in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, providing inspection services.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying pre-owned cars is easy when you turn to us. We have a team who inspects all the issues and specifications of any car model. From selecting cars on various sales ads to inspecting you preferred car, we can help you. Call us to schedule an appointment.


K2 Motorsports maintains cars according to our updated service procedures and factory schedules. We believe that the first step in avoiding expensive repairs is through complete preventative maintenance.

State Inspections

Call for schedule and availability.

Suspension, Wheel, & Tire

The core of any car is the chassis. The only way to maximize its potential is to fit the right tire, maintain the integrity of your wheels and keep your alignment correct to get everything possible from your vehicle. Regular inspection of your wheels for cracks & bends is often overlooked. Modern cars can easily outperform most tires available on the market and alignments are not all the same. Addressing these areas is just part of what we do during your vehicle's visit.

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Car Wash & Detailing

Patrons can also have their vehicle cleaned when they use our detailing center. We also provide pre-trip preparation which includes engine warm-up and car washing. Our detail shop offers products including:


  • Schaeffer™ Lubricants
  • Swamps Diesel Performance
  • Snow Performance Injection Systems
  • Four- Wheel Parts
  • BG Services
  • Tire Rack

Tires & Alignments

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State of the art equipment, touchless tire machine, road force tire balancing, and support for compacts to large 1-ton Dual rear wheel trucks

Certified for all brands (Domestic, Euro, Import, Italian)

All types of wheels supported from 13” to 32” to include specialties like Carbon Fiber, Wire Wheels, and off-road/beadlocks

Custom wheel weights in matching colors, low profile and non-clamp on conforming weights from 3m

Tire Rack Authorized distributor and installer

Wheels and tires from too many manufactures to list

Micro Services

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Winter Powersports Wraps

Air Duct Cleaning

Odor Control

Vehicle Detailing

Headlight Reconditioning

Chassis setup for racing

Vehicle Spray-On Bedliner (We do complete vehicles in your choice of colors)

Vehicle Liquid Wraps and Dip-It Body, wheel and accessory applications